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Waddup waddup bloggy dogs. I’ve been sleeping of late, so it’s no surprise that news of Aesop‘s forthcoming Ep only reached my ears last week. Actually, it’s not just his. He’s part of a crew called “The Uncluded”. That’s a pretty dope name. It suggests that they’ve been actively not included (different from being excluded) from a place/space where they do belong. Whether this is their own doing or someone else’s has yet to be determined. Perhaps we’ll never know. We’re gonna have to wait for the EP, I guess. That’s Aesop though. I’m always tapering off the layers from his work. It takes time, but when Aesop Rock does deliver, it’s worth the wait.

Courtesty of Scott Marceau

Courtesty of Scott Marceau

Prior to his unclusive move, Aesop blessed us with a brilliantly mind-boggling Skelethon in 2012. 5 years prior to that we heard None Shall Pass. This proclivity for infrequent releases of new material and Aesop’s decidedly niche audience are both are partly to blame for A$ap Rocky not even realising that there was already someone on the scene with a similar name ~ I’m a fan of Live.Love.ASAP, but that’s as much as I’m willing to declare at this point. Aesop is as evasive with new material as he is with easily interpretive work.

Enough rambling already. We’ve established that Aesop has been around for a minute, remains relatively elusive to mainstream pop culture and that he’s part of a duo at the moment. The other half of The Uncluded is Kimya Dawson. I’m not too privy on her happenings, but based on the video below, I can say that I’m pretty darn excited to see what they’re going to come up with.

As usual, Aesop does his part to take the vocals to another level. Good luck breaking them down. Enthusiasts are going to have a field day with this one. Even Kimya manges to hold her own. She brings that Juno soundtrack vibe to the table.

Sorry about cutting this short. I’m being hauled off to N1 City Mall for some last minute shopping 😥 To find out more about The Uncluded and other reputable releases, visit the Rhymesayers website.

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Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.


If you thought Hip Hop was sleeping, you must have been sleeping. Awake from your slumber now. I say this in the hopes that it would happen in the rudest and crudest sense. Check out his dope free E.P. entitled, Art of Raw. If you’re tired of hearing the same ol’ same ol’, then you’ve been dealt a proper blow.

Click on image to preview album (external link).

“Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy freedom come.

Thy will be done in South Africa, as it is in Lusaka.

Give those weapons, our daily millitary training.

And forgive the South Africans, our leaders.

And lead us not to Apartheid.

For thy is the kingdom, the power and the victory.

For whatever, be what never.

Aluta continua.


~ Kaapse Woordenaar ~ Art of Raw

This is on the intro to the E.P. It’s a looped sample. I’m not sure where it comes from, or if they called the guy in to spew it on the mic, but it gets looped about 5 times over some ill production. It sets the tone for the rest of the collection, which is a militaristic political approach to governance in South Africa.

Though I don’t want to do an album review or anything, there is one notable mention that I’d like to proffer. I said in an earlier post that your past is your present and your past is your future (Street Fighters on the Up ‘N Up). Well, this track, Voyage, literally brings that notion to life. There are great mentions, recounts and an apparent presence of an awakening of consciousness. Not only does this voyage take us to the socio-politico-economic backdrop from which the Art of Raw, emerges, it also takes to those whose memories must never die.

“A lyricist with mass appeal, inspired by Ashley Kriel.”

“Anton Fransch, another fallen comrade”

“This Song is also dedicated to the fallen Hector Pieterson, Harry Gwala, Colleen Williams, Matthew Goniwe…”

Check out the rest of the E.P. for yourself. Experience its entirety.

The E.P. is recorded mostly in Afrikaans, so if you don’t speak the language, you’re probably going to have to listen to the dope beats and rhythmic flows. There’s plenty of English, so don’t be dismayed by the first half of the E.P. I think Saturn (link below) is even involved in this one, though I ‘m not sure which tracks. Some beats are obvious bangers, others are rehashes of a dopeness laced eons before.

Click on the image to listen to some of Saturn’s stuff (external link).

The rawness is there. The message is there. The delivery is there. Think of this release as a breath of fresh air. It just goes to show, that soul will never die. And by “soul” I mean integrity. There’s plenty of soul in this mix.


Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.