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Without a doubt, I should have been urging myself to board the train of thought. It’s been beckoning, yet I could not write it. Only thing is… I could. It was there for the penning. It always has been.


I could have. I should have, but…


What’s an excuse, really? I will not applaud my avoidance of escapism. I shall laud it. I shall wear it as I have the misfortunes of the rugged, as I have the opportunities of the lost.


May your pride sink into the spittle flooding your throat.


To write. To live. To Breathe. To Feel. I missed that euphoric escape. I missed losing myself and channelling the conveyances. How lacking in fabric this is. Yet, I have an ingrained sense of integrity that renders this piece lofty.


You and I are the lechers of texts…



Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.


Zef to death,

 or death to Zef?

That ninja chap. I don’t know man. Actually, I do, but I’d like to reserve my judgement for the time being. Let me not spill my guts. You are all about to journey on an enlightening path. Do step with me for a bit.

You know that Enter the Ninja track blew my mind. I had just got going with the semi electronic vibes and boom, we had it. Steady production and a super dope video to match. On we go.

The Zef is official, man. Homie tapped into a market. Waddy created a nice little market space for himself. He used the DA approach in the Western Cape. Use the race factor, then once you’ve garnered enough support and momentum, stick a big stick up the people’s bum. More on this later.

I do believe there was conflict about the crediting of the video. Ninja woefulyl accepted all the credits, but refused to acknowledge, the funds and creative talent invested from elsewhere into the vid. Exactly who the parasite is, has yet to be determined. I think you can figure that out for yourselves.

Anyways. Who is this caucasian guy rapping in an Afrikaans style that is quite similar to Cape Flats hip hop? This English speaking guy claims to have grown up “zef”. That’s his story, but do take it with a pinch of salt. The boy needed some many-phat-raps credibility, so he headed off to Mitchell’s Plain to get a brown stamp of approval. Isaac Mutant is the man, ek se. Homie is a critical minded individual. However, I don’t know what possessed him and his posse to appear alongside The Answer. Now our Ninja is legit ek, se.

The Zef is official now. Homie  is signing million dollar deals with Jimmy Iovine. That’s big, man. Props.

Let’s get back to the matter at hand. Now that he’s played the race card, he needs to ante it up because well, it’s zef to death. And we all know that zef is dying. Homie jumps on the mic and starts saying the not so cool N-word and F-word on the same song. Cummon Waddy! The desperation is seeping out of your pores. What’s he gonna do next?

Let’s check out homie on the new album and he’s suddenly “actually black”. Not only that, but he goes so far to say that he’s the “white [K-word]”. Is this dude actually for real? It’s therefore no surprise that Interscope wanted to get more involved. Cut a long story short, Interscope is no longer zef.

I used to dig this crew. I must have been high ~ not that I ever do get high ~ anymore ~ whatever.

So what happens when the wash off tattoos won’t wash off and the music doesn’t sell? I’m sure the Zef will find some other way to get that moola. We’ll see how the indie world treats them.

Canibus spoke of the hypenitis:

Ninja got it bad. Anyways. It seems racism is very much ripe. Ninja’s “rainbow nation” where everyone freely uses the N-word and F-word seems quite a stretch away. What surprises me is that Die antwoord have been able to cultivate a space that allows them to become racially and homophobically  provocative with little or no reproach. The logic of the scenario here is that once one has established a relationship of sorts with an individual of a particular group, then one is able to pass on all sorts of derogatory statements under the guise of pleasantries. Familiarity breeds impunity, I guess.

Peace, I’ve got to bounce. I’m sitting in the future here, so this counts as a post for Thursday. I shan’t be choking any chickens just yet.

Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.