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Now I know a lot of you may have encountered this brand already, but I think it’s about time I let those of you who never had a clue in on a little something something:

Your history is your present. Your history is your future.


You can quote me on that ish. Let me explain:


.A little bit louder shall we?



.So here’s the deal. In South Africa, a 20 cent piece (coin) was referred to as a 2 Bop (TwoBop). It is a localised version of the 2 Bob (20 shillings) coin.. .These coins were often used to play commonplace arcade games in corner stores in South africa. Perhaps you are familiar with the Capcom titles such as Street Fighter and Snow bros..

...These titles became regular features for kids after school and during the day for those youthful adolescants, not yet entrenched in laborious factory hours. Often enough skinny, snotty nosed kids would crowd around those who had the loose change and skill to “clock” (complete) the relevant games. Those were the days..

.It’s with this air of nostalgia, that a new brand with a new style was born in 2004. Effectively, the 2Bop brand has taken what could be identified as the 8 bit (includes 16 bit~for all intended purposes) era and stylised it into a retro looking~forward thinking concept. It has become a testament to localised culture with an air for manoeuvrability in an international arena. What do i mean by this? Well, the brand manages to encapsulate a Capetonian identity and a sense of history. At the same time, the era that it hints towards, is one that can be identified with on a global scale. I’m talking about what I like to call the 8-bit frequency. It’s a subculture that incorporates the old heavyweight titles of a time past. This subculture boasts followers hailing from the 8 bit era and those born out of that temporal context, but are quirkily drawn to by its allure. Old school is cool school which is always new school. Let’s not stray from our purpose here. Twobop has managed to capitalise on this 8-bit frequency and come to make it its own. Not only is it an independant brand in motion, with its roots entrnched in history, it’s a brand that’s gaining recognition. Check out the dope picture below. The brains behind the brand managed to persuade The Jupiter Drawing Room (a sizeable South African ad agency) to support the movement. How did they do it? by having an established base and sound business prospects all well explicated. Check out the image to access the full article on that.. …

 But yo, it’s time to fly. i’ve been holding this piece back for a month now. I kept saying i was gonna finish it.
Stay Twobopular: (see if you can spot all of the 8-bit frequency cultural references in the apparel)


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