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Yasssis. Talk about quality control. ANN7, the third South African 24-hour news channel, launched this week. They seemed to have decent branding and animated snippets, but eish… The presenters and their live tech-support left much to be desired. Check out these clips snapped by other viewers:

First thing that got me was that dude walking through the studio shot in the background. Not forgetting the nervous entry.

Like Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox said, “The early bird catches the worm, but the early worm lands in the early bird’s stomach”. What about Robert Mugabe’s “igno-ignaugural” ceremony? For real?

“Asking Jacob Zuma to-to-to-… to disclose”. Best to read the script before going live, my darling.


This presenter held it down for quite a bit. Props, but “Shane Watson bullied his-his …[blaaaaank]… to only the third test of the century”. Bullied his what? She seemed to struggle to get the word out. Add her gestures to that and you can easily assume that she was talking about his enormous shlong.

But yo. Enough criticism. It’s a new station. It’s South African. It’s expanding the employment pool. Journalists have had quite a pinch in the past decade, so this is that drop in the desert.

Haven’t bothered to read the content, but the ANN7 website seems to have a decent enough look.


Warrup warrup! I bring ye the gift of motivation. I bring you the gift of inspiration.


 Get up. Get out and do something.


Nay my peoples, I am not talking about Macy Gray. Entering the arena, we have Big K.R.I.T. The number that we have in mind is “Boobie Miles”. I kid you not.

So, I don’t think this dude is the dopest emcee out there, but I like the message of this particular track: never give up. It’s friggin dope. The visuals reinforce this considerably.


 The only di[fference] between a winner and a loser is that a winner plays until he wins.


That’s the message and the money today. See your ish through to the end. The production is superb. That saxophone threatens to steal the show though. A buddy of mine, Complex Individual, loves the chilled stuff, and he would agree undoubtedly. The visuals are also crisp. Homie has extended the message to the visuals too. All of the imagery seems to reflect this determination or add to the integrity of the track. Stay in your lane. Stay focus. You need that “Eye of the tiger”, man. A sprinter only looks at the finish line.


Eye of the Tiger


Loving his “champion” tee though. The other notable would be:


If it do[es]n’t touch my Soul, I can’t listen to it.

I need to start printing my own tees. Without further ado:




Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.

Good looking Buchu! This is dope man. I find that many classic musicians don’t respect the new age, but I doubt any of them could do this. It’s like when Quincy Jones claimed that Kanye couldn’t do anything that Quincy could. Kanye never responded, but his fans reacted on his behalf claiming that Quincy couldn’t do what kanye could either.

Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.


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Zef to death,

 or death to Zef?

That ninja chap. I don’t know man. Actually, I do, but I’d like to reserve my judgement for the time being. Let me not spill my guts. You are all about to journey on an enlightening path. Do step with me for a bit.

You know that Enter the Ninja track blew my mind. I had just got going with the semi electronic vibes and boom, we had it. Steady production and a super dope video to match. On we go.

The Zef is official, man. Homie tapped into a market. Waddy created a nice little market space for himself. He used the DA approach in the Western Cape. Use the race factor, then once you’ve garnered enough support and momentum, stick a big stick up the people’s bum. More on this later.

I do believe there was conflict about the crediting of the video. Ninja woefulyl accepted all the credits, but refused to acknowledge, the funds and creative talent invested from elsewhere into the vid. Exactly who the parasite is, has yet to be determined. I think you can figure that out for yourselves.

Anyways. Who is this caucasian guy rapping in an Afrikaans style that is quite similar to Cape Flats hip hop? This English speaking guy claims to have grown up “zef”. That’s his story, but do take it with a pinch of salt. The boy needed some many-phat-raps credibility, so he headed off to Mitchell’s Plain to get a brown stamp of approval. Isaac Mutant is the man, ek se. Homie is a critical minded individual. However, I don’t know what possessed him and his posse to appear alongside The Answer. Now our Ninja is legit ek, se.

The Zef is official now. Homie  is signing million dollar deals with Jimmy Iovine. That’s big, man. Props.

Let’s get back to the matter at hand. Now that he’s played the race card, he needs to ante it up because well, it’s zef to death. And we all know that zef is dying. Homie jumps on the mic and starts saying the not so cool N-word and F-word on the same song. Cummon Waddy! The desperation is seeping out of your pores. What’s he gonna do next?

Let’s check out homie on the new album and he’s suddenly “actually black”. Not only that, but he goes so far to say that he’s the “white [K-word]”. Is this dude actually for real? It’s therefore no surprise that Interscope wanted to get more involved. Cut a long story short, Interscope is no longer zef.

I used to dig this crew. I must have been high ~ not that I ever do get high ~ anymore ~ whatever.

So what happens when the wash off tattoos won’t wash off and the music doesn’t sell? I’m sure the Zef will find some other way to get that moola. We’ll see how the indie world treats them.

Canibus spoke of the hypenitis:

Ninja got it bad. Anyways. It seems racism is very much ripe. Ninja’s “rainbow nation” where everyone freely uses the N-word and F-word seems quite a stretch away. What surprises me is that Die antwoord have been able to cultivate a space that allows them to become racially and homophobically  provocative with little or no reproach. The logic of the scenario here is that once one has established a relationship of sorts with an individual of a particular group, then one is able to pass on all sorts of derogatory statements under the guise of pleasantries. Familiarity breeds impunity, I guess.

Peace, I’ve got to bounce. I’m sitting in the future here, so this counts as a post for Thursday. I shan’t be choking any chickens just yet.

Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.

Buchu Business

I found this quaint, anecdotal blog the other day. It’s simplistic and therefore easy to comprehend. It gives the impression that each post is merely a musing of interest. They seem to reflect the ideological and political disposition of the author. Imagine a quaint way of saying, “Dear diary, to day I had a thought…”

To all my people staying in your own lane, keep it rock steady.


Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.

Buchu Business

I found this quaint, anecdotal blog the other day. It’s simplistic and therefore easy to comprehend. It gives the impression that each post is merely a musing of interest. They seem to reflect the ideological and political disposition of the author. Imagine a quaint way of saying, “Dear diary, to day I had a thought…”

To all my people staying in your own lane, keep it rock steady.


Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.

My soul remembers the days spent gazing if you don’t remember. My heart inspired the flames that ignited the rain, showering pain from it’s burning embers. How we resisted the noose, when their approach was obtuse as freedoms fell from the truth. Like raping women as proof that our women were loose, and passion was and is the path that we choose. Now, they are are fueling the fire when they claim that our ire is a consequence of desire unchecked of OUR own mire.

Those were the days spent gazing and we all still remember

those memories of times that we cannot forget.

Soon our memories of now will be then.

Back, back and forth.

We play the audience to this ugly dance.

We gaze resolutely upon the arena.

Yet we grimace at the ugly.

We are the ugly.

We have become our own ugly.

In ugliness lies the pretext of beauty.

Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.

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I am way too nostalgic. This blog  is focused on South African goodies. It’s got entertainment and fashion jiggy type stuff. It hails form Cape Town. You’ll find out exactly how lively and diverse the Z to the A  can be.  Lala hasn’t posted since November 28, 2011, but that just means that she is coming up with something splendiferous for you.

Don’t forget to check out the affiliated Bow-Peep, if you’re into the quirky fashion stuff.  They’re based in Cape Town, so holler!

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Golly man! Last week we saw Elam (I think that’s what his name is) get hauled off for being serviced by a European American prostitute.  He’s got a noose this week. Is this the end for a free man who once was a slave?

Dun Dun Dunnnnn. AMC.