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This is what happens when you insert an unfamiliar cultural reference into a cultural context where the participant(s) are unlikely to make the connection.

Screenshot of Whatsap conversation

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That *sh* cray

That sh!t was funny. Still, I responded appropriately.

Screenshot of Whatsapp Convo

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That’s all there is to this one.

Fish fillet

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I’ve had some pretty kewl super fun times at the office, but I’ll be moving on from here. Rather than have a super lame dreary farewell, I decided to put my foro-shop skills to the test.

Y U go PEE?

Office Staff

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King of Bling

King Of Bling

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Looking At What?

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Nice Black Jacket

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Office Gangsterism

Wacky office Photo

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Armpit Massacre

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Yay Office

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It’s been real

Crazy office Styles

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Nose Picker

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Thanks for making my time at the office so kewl. Ciao.

*I’m probably gonna edit this page. Just wanted y’all to get the gist before the day is done 🙂

Oh yes! Check out Saajida’s blog.

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Waddup waddup bloggy dogs. I’ve been sleeping of late, so it’s no surprise that news of Aesop‘s forthcoming Ep only reached my ears last week. Actually, it’s not just his. He’s part of a crew called “The Uncluded”. That’s a pretty dope name. It suggests that they’ve been actively not included (different from being excluded) from a place/space where they do belong. Whether this is their own doing or someone else’s has yet to be determined. Perhaps we’ll never know. We’re gonna have to wait for the EP, I guess. That’s Aesop though. I’m always tapering off the layers from his work. It takes time, but when Aesop Rock does deliver, it’s worth the wait.

Courtesty of Scott Marceau

Courtesty of Scott Marceau

Prior to his unclusive move, Aesop blessed us with a brilliantly mind-boggling Skelethon in 2012. 5 years prior to that we heard None Shall Pass. This proclivity for infrequent releases of new material and Aesop’s decidedly niche audience are both are partly to blame for A$ap Rocky not even realising that there was already someone on the scene with a similar name ~ I’m a fan of Live.Love.ASAP, but that’s as much as I’m willing to declare at this point. Aesop is as evasive with new material as he is with easily interpretive work.

Enough rambling already. We’ve established that Aesop has been around for a minute, remains relatively elusive to mainstream pop culture and that he’s part of a duo at the moment. The other half of The Uncluded is Kimya Dawson. I’m not too privy on her happenings, but based on the video below, I can say that I’m pretty darn excited to see what they’re going to come up with.

As usual, Aesop does his part to take the vocals to another level. Good luck breaking them down. Enthusiasts are going to have a field day with this one. Even Kimya manges to hold her own. She brings that Juno soundtrack vibe to the table.

Sorry about cutting this short. I’m being hauled off to N1 City Mall for some last minute shopping 😥 To find out more about The Uncluded and other reputable releases, visit the Rhymesayers website.

Rhymesayers Logo

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Without a doubt, I should have been urging myself to board the train of thought. It’s been beckoning, yet I could not write it. Only thing is… I could. It was there for the penning. It always has been.


I could have. I should have, but…


What’s an excuse, really? I will not applaud my avoidance of escapism. I shall laud it. I shall wear it as I have the misfortunes of the rugged, as I have the opportunities of the lost.


May your pride sink into the spittle flooding your throat.


To write. To live. To Breathe. To Feel. I missed that euphoric escape. I missed losing myself and channelling the conveyances. How lacking in fabric this is. Yet, I have an ingrained sense of integrity that renders this piece lofty.


You and I are the lechers of texts…



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memories are all that remain. be mindful of how you construct them. ultimately they fade, but a meaningful portion always remains.

1 setting

2 subjects

3 exposures

I learned quite a bit taking this shot. The follow-ups will be a lot less bleached.

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Do we simply accept the stat quo? Or do we express ourselves in whichever manner we feel most liberating, even if that means destroying a legacy?

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I ain’t your daddy, but where I lay my hat, I sleep. It’s about time that I lay my hat somewhere else. The time has come. As my tenure in this place on this planet draws to a close, I find myself becoming quite excitable, anxious and freer.

It’s like my heart dares the unknown to taunt it with voyeuristic tendencies. It whispers lewd nothings that stimulate me to euphoric heights. Every now and then, I come down and while I’m sliding down that frictionless slope, I get to thinking.

I think about a great many things, ~ what I want to be when I grow up ~ what I’d like to do on the other side ~ What I don’t want to be ~ what choices I’d make, given I’d have had them to make ~ the list goes on. On this particular day, I was struck by the things that I would miss about this place and the things that I would not.

Somehow this all seemed like a concept in progress for the blogosphere. Hell, I am a lazy dreamer. It is now the basis and concept behind this particular post. He we go:

I will miss the brats, not the ones that cry when they see my face. I will miss the brats at my school, especially their squeaky voices. I will miss their big heads and tiny bodies, waha. I will miss that old aunty from the kitchen who always smirks when she talks to me in the kitchen. I never know what to do, so I pretend not to understand.

I will not miss the dude that lives upstairs, nor his three reining terrors, nor his wife who turnings into a wailing banshee when their love is manifested. What a flower. I will not miss the regular thumping that accelerates and decelerates as they guide themselves to pleasurable heights. I will miss this view. It’s beautiful. I get to see all of the rice paddies, the town and ummm them a bit of the mountain. I will miss these sliding doors and windows. I will miss the smell of organic fertilizer in summer.

I will miss the bus rides in the morning, evening and weekends. I will miss being largely alone on these trips, but they give me such pleasure. I will miss the serenity of the countryside. I will not miss how far out there this place is (“somebody give me a sign!”).

I will miss the new faces, mostly. I will not miss the disrespectful, ignorant ones. I will miss how we came together with such randomness. I will not miss getting hit on every other day I went into the city. I will miss having an excuse to keep my hair covered most of the time. I will miss the cheap love motels and even cheaper guest houses.

I will not miss the light of love, for that is with me every day. I will not miss the fact that I have touched many and vice versa, for they and I have grown for the better. I will miss a great many things, but what I will not miss is not what I will miss.


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I am travelling to step

because the slow boat

smokes in slow motion.

I long for the scent of home

dissolved in the void consuming this ocean.

I fear no spear even the void that sears,

but to be cut by my own tears

as they gush to satiate my burning vessel.

nay, I shall lay waste to the weakness of mine temple.

may the embers reduce this boat to a raft

and the raft to a crisp skeleton.

may that crisp skeleton bring me home.

This travelling man that I am,

I am coming home.

I am



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~ whether it’s to gauge how far we have ascended or merely stand in awe, it seems as though we readily fix our gazes on all but where we want to be.

Don’t be a slacker


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I pledge allegiance. I do pledge it solemnly. Today brings the initiation of what we, in the land of the Nappy Ones, would like to call mast-probation. Yeah, I know. That complex noun seems a bit too twisted. Could it be…? Well, it is. Let’s explicate, shall we?


 I shall undertake to contribute meaningfully and earnestly to this blog daily for a period of seven days. For every day that I do not contribute, I shall endure the pen[is]alty. That is to beat and spank that limbless monkey attached to the nether regions of my anatomy till it yields. Needless to say, I would have to expose my inner workings as a part of this punishment.


 Good Lordy! After a successful week, the undertaking shall be extended to a period of 30 days. Upon the completion of 30 days, I shall endeavour to continue contributing for another 30 days. Hopefully, we can see this to the end.


I hope that by now, we’ve gotten past the shock and into the humour-zone.  I have no intention of sharing my wankskepades with any of you, but should I fail… dun dun dunnnn.

***Think Lonely Island***

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