You Know Them Stakes

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Once again yours truly had to facilitate some sort of cultural intervention.

Here we have a prime example of a message intended for a specific audience, but not geared to educate those outside of that target audience.

This ambiguous Facebook post refers indirectly to a state of mind. It imbues the aptly cultured with a sense of nostalgia. It places the speaker in a pseudo-socio-cultural realm of existence. Readers are being invited into this space, but must journey there on their own. ~ Let’s not unmask this too much. My point is that |

 | it |

has layers.

Stakes Is High

Facebook feed screenshot.

© All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute.

I couldn’t let homeslice hang from the balls like that. And by homeslice, I mean both the speaker and the first respondent. Since there is no apparent context to the utterance, the speaker seems grammatically inept to the first respondent. The first respondent, however, doesn’t have a grasp on the speaker’s frame of reference. Once again we have a cultural impasse. See how I handled it:

You know them stakes is high

Facebook feed Screenshot

© All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute.


Here’s that thumbnail again. Click on it to unearth some of the culture behind it:

Stakes is High album cover

Click on the image to read the Wiki.

De Laaaaaaaaa. That’s that ’96 era dopeness. Eish.

Check out Grooveshark for easy album streaming.

De La Soul. That’s where it’s at.

Written by a dude for poop and squiggles.

  1. Mattthejane says:

    the beat to the track is too hot – bananas! Stakes is High like my uncle is. Definitely a cultural attraction track

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