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I feel ferocious. My veracity of late, has gnawed away at the crusts of my apparent fortitude. I feel raw. It seems that this

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Yasssis. Talk about quality control. ANN7, the third South African 24-hour news channel, launched this week. They seemed to have decent branding and animated snippets, but eish… The presenters and their live tech-support left much to be desired. Check out these clips snapped by other viewers:

First thing that got me was that dude walking through the studio shot in the background. Not forgetting the nervous entry.

Like Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox said, “The early bird catches the worm, but the early worm lands in the early bird’s stomach”. What about Robert Mugabe’s “igno-ignaugural” ceremony? For real?

“Asking Jacob Zuma to-to-to-… to disclose”. Best to read the script before going live, my darling.


This presenter held it down for quite a bit. Props, but “Shane Watson bullied his-his …[blaaaaank]… to only the third test of the century”. Bullied his what? She seemed to struggle to get the word out. Add her gestures to that and you can easily assume that she was talking about his enormous shlong.

But yo. Enough criticism. It’s a new station. It’s South African. It’s expanding the employment pool. Journalists have had quite a pinch in the past decade, so this is that drop in the desert.

Haven’t bothered to read the content, but the ANN7 website seems to have a decent enough look.

You Know Them Stakes

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Once again yours truly had to facilitate some sort of cultural intervention.

Here we have a prime example of a message intended for a specific audience, but not geared to educate those outside of that target audience.

This ambiguous Facebook post refers indirectly to a state of mind. It imbues the aptly cultured with a sense of nostalgia. It places the speaker in a pseudo-socio-cultural realm of existence. Readers are being invited into this space, but must journey there on their own. ~ Let’s not unmask this too much. My point is that |

 | it |

has layers.

Stakes Is High

Facebook feed screenshot.

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I couldn’t let homeslice hang from the balls like that. And by homeslice, I mean both the speaker and the first respondent. Since there is no apparent context to the utterance, the speaker seems grammatically inept to the first respondent. The first respondent, however, doesn’t have a grasp on the speaker’s frame of reference. Once again we have a cultural impasse. See how I handled it:

You know them stakes is high

Facebook feed Screenshot

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Here’s that thumbnail again. Click on it to unearth some of the culture behind it:

Stakes is High album cover

Click on the image to read the Wiki.

De Laaaaaaaaa. That’s that ’96 era dopeness. Eish.

Check out Grooveshark for easy album streaming.

De La Soul. That’s where it’s at.

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This is what happens when you insert an unfamiliar cultural reference into a cultural context where the participant(s) are unlikely to make the connection.

Screenshot of Whatsap conversation

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That *sh* cray

That sh!t was funny. Still, I responded appropriately.

Screenshot of Whatsapp Convo

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That’s all there is to this one.

Fish fillet

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I’ve had some pretty kewl super fun times at the office, but I’ll be moving on from here. Rather than have a super lame dreary farewell, I decided to put my foro-shop skills to the test.

Y U go PEE?

Office Staff

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King of Bling

King Of Bling

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Looking At What?

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Nice Black Jacket

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Office Gangsterism

Wacky office Photo

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Armpit Massacre

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Yay Office

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It’s been real

Crazy office Styles

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Nose Picker

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Thanks for making my time at the office so kewl. Ciao.

*I’m probably gonna edit this page. Just wanted y’all to get the gist before the day is done 🙂

Oh yes! Check out Saajida’s blog.

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Talk about dopeness. That was just the preface to what I would call an important contribution to the perception of us people, blessed with melanin. I’m just saying, though.

The Album: W.A.R. (We are renegades)

Artist: Pharoahe Monch

We Are Renegades

What makes this album so great? It’s a testament to rebuking authority. It is a testament to higher ground. It is a testament to breaking stereotypes. It is a testament to the ability of hip hop as a medium that participates and invokes constructive meaningful dialogue. It is a testament to growth.

The man has something to say. He has something to portray. I am deliberately veering away from the specifics, because I believe that the project speaks for itself.

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Waddup waddup bloggy dogs. I’ve been sleeping of late, so it’s no surprise that news of Aesop‘s forthcoming Ep only reached my ears last week. Actually, it’s not just his. He’s part of a crew called “The Uncluded”. That’s a pretty dope name. It suggests that they’ve been actively not included (different from being excluded) from a place/space where they do belong. Whether this is their own doing or someone else’s has yet to be determined. Perhaps we’ll never know. We’re gonna have to wait for the EP, I guess. That’s Aesop though. I’m always tapering off the layers from his work. It takes time, but when Aesop Rock does deliver, it’s worth the wait.

Courtesty of Scott Marceau

Courtesty of Scott Marceau

Prior to his unclusive move, Aesop blessed us with a brilliantly mind-boggling Skelethon in 2012. 5 years prior to that we heard None Shall Pass. This proclivity for infrequent releases of new material and Aesop’s decidedly niche audience are both are partly to blame for A$ap Rocky not even realising that there was already someone on the scene with a similar name ~ I’m a fan of Live.Love.ASAP, but that’s as much as I’m willing to declare at this point. Aesop is as evasive with new material as he is with easily interpretive work.

Enough rambling already. We’ve established that Aesop has been around for a minute, remains relatively elusive to mainstream pop culture and that he’s part of a duo at the moment. The other half of The Uncluded is Kimya Dawson. I’m not too privy on her happenings, but based on the video below, I can say that I’m pretty darn excited to see what they’re going to come up with.

As usual, Aesop does his part to take the vocals to another level. Good luck breaking them down. Enthusiasts are going to have a field day with this one. Even Kimya manges to hold her own. She brings that Juno soundtrack vibe to the table.

Sorry about cutting this short. I’m being hauled off to N1 City Mall for some last minute shopping 😥 To find out more about The Uncluded and other reputable releases, visit the Rhymesayers website.

Rhymesayers Logo

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Without a doubt, I should have been urging myself to board the train of thought. It’s been beckoning, yet I could not write it. Only thing is… I could. It was there for the penning. It always has been.


I could have. I should have, but…


What’s an excuse, really? I will not applaud my avoidance of escapism. I shall laud it. I shall wear it as I have the misfortunes of the rugged, as I have the opportunities of the lost.


May your pride sink into the spittle flooding your throat.


To write. To live. To Breathe. To Feel. I missed that euphoric escape. I missed losing myself and channelling the conveyances. How lacking in fabric this is. Yet, I have an ingrained sense of integrity that renders this piece lofty.


You and I are the lechers of texts…



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memories are all that remain. be mindful of how you construct them. ultimately they fade, but a meaningful portion always remains.

1 setting

2 subjects

3 exposures

I learned quite a bit taking this shot. The follow-ups will be a lot less bleached.

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